Goodwood Revival


If you think motorsport is all gone to high tech…think again & book your tickets to Goodwood!

My best friends dad ( and my “2nd” dad turned 70 and what could be a better way to celebrate it at Goodwood.

Esko, the gentleman turning rounds have been driving, racing and doing stunts with pretty much all 2 to 4 wheel machines and driven cars that we all can just dream off.

The emotzione to take this trip was unreal. First of all, one needs to get clothing sorted - at revival everyone dresses like in the period and we had good fun to match up gears for the event.

What is this all about - pure racing with period style, period types and unreal machines. At the same time the is action on track and in Air. Cannot really tell the feeling in so many words - if you love old cars and want to see them flat out - this is the address!



The sound, noise, smell and pure racing is something that really took our breath away - we will sure return!

Ville Arzoglou