Big Moment - S.U.F Helsinki Paroni


I saw the S.U.F Paroni watch on my buddy`s wrist and the impact was…

There is something magical about this watch, you look at it and it does tell you a story….a story that is at the same time heartbreaking yet inspiring that all Finns should relate into!

Jarno Saarinen was a true Flying Finn, his impact to whole motorbike racing was big, riding style and prove of Finnish “Sisu” is something that is synonymous for Finns - that is why they seem to get wings to fly.

With my travelwork I have been always talking about Finland and Greece - the topic of Finland is very narrow: Rally and F1, a bit envy on our schooling system, cold and vodka…The Flying Finns were the biggest “ambassadors” of Finland and they still seem to be among us.


Stepan has been able to create accessible watch into S.U.F Helsinki portfolio that everyone can keep one piece of Finland in their hand.

I got a similar watch to try for few weeks - my dear friend is a fellow collector and he saw my eyes that I need to get involve.

It has been the hardest watch to give back and not soon after I got my very own one. It is really hard to tell why it is important - one just need to try it and you will know - I do not really know any other red&white dial watch that work so well - just full of passion!

Ville Arzoglou