It is all about giving everyone interested on watches a great experience, fun time and value.

Here is the 2019 Masters, brands, exhibitors and our partners. They all are motivated to have a great one and we surely did - thank you for coming along to enjoy this with us.


Handmade watches

Môtiers - Switzerland

Kari Voutilainen’s natural gift for perfection, coupled with his broad experience and deep understanding of very high quality, antique, complicated watches, are the quintessential ingredients for innovative creation in the art of watchmaking.

As with all entirely handmade watches, their number will remain limited; each one is crafted according to specific requirements and has its own individual and personal qualities. It goes without saying that these technical marvels are clothed and protected only by the most precious of metals.

It is for these reasons that pieces signed by Kari Voutilainen will make their mark in the history of watchmaking, to the great delight of those collectors fortunate enough to own one.



Not for everyone

Helsinki - Finland

“As far as my friends are concerned, I am doing really useless stuff. And who can blame them? Why would I do this stupid thing?”
— Stepan Sarpaneva

Perfectionism, enthusiasm and an infinite passion for watchmaking inspired Sarpaneva to create watches of his own. In 2003 he founded his own company in Helsinki, Finland where he individually handcrafts each watch at the workshop.

High quality combined with unique design ensures that every Sarpaneva watch will last a lifetime.

Ww are so happy to get Stepan and the whole Team to the Show, they have been supporting us from day one and what a portfolio of great watches are presented to the wide audience both from Sarpaneva and S.U.F Helsinki portfolio.


The Horological Brothers

Oldenzaal - The Netherlands

Our latest and big addition to the Show is the master Horological Brothers from The Netherlands. They will showcase watches that easily can change ones opinion on quality and passion - welcome to be amazed!

The Grönefeld family has a watchmaking history spanning over more than a century, the foundations of which were established in 1912 by Johan Grönefeld.

The Grönefeld family legacy is now managed by the third generation, the horological brothers Bart and Tim Grönefeld. They made it their mission to build elegant timepieces with surprising mechanisms that belong to the best in the world.


for those who value perfection

Japan - Helsinki

What a privilege to get a master watchmaker from Japan to showcase a workshop inside a Grand Seiko Watch!

Grand Seiko offers timepieces of distinction for all.
Whether classic, traditional or for sport, every Grand Seiko offers the same high standards of precision,
durability and legibility that are its hallmarks. 

Grand Seiko defines the essence of watchmaking in the elements of precision, beauty, legibility, durability and ease-of-use. As a world-leading watch manufacture, Grand Seiko embodies that very essence in the unrivaled quality in every Grand Seiko watch presented to the world.




Le Locle - Switzerland

Laine is a professional watchmaker who packed up his family and relocated to the heartland of watchmaking. In the small city of Le Locle, upon the Jura Mountains in Switzerland, Laine uses the tools of his trade and his ingrained expertise to handcraft award-winning watches.




Rajamäki - Finland

Rajamäen Kellotehdas was founded in 2007. Since the launch of our first watch in 2011, the focus has shifted onto primarily creating our own collection.

The goal is to apply our own vision into these pieces, particularly the three-dimensional dials which elevate your thoughts above and beyond a plain timepiece. 


premium retailer new watches

Helsinki - Finland

Westerback is our strong partner in selling new watches. They will showcase novelties from Hublot and Bell & Ross. With Westerback staff you feel always welcome and ready to get service with a smile.

 As with all in business of new watches, people in Helsinki know Westerback - they have been in watch retail for ages and one thing you hear often - the service is great and the feedback has really a lot to do here. Yes, they do sell products, but as everyone - we need to create traditional relationships, even when buying. It is a lovely feeling to bring your watch back to service when you know that they will take good care of it, even on after sales services.


plenty of tradition

Helsinki - Finland

Watchmaker Eero Kallioniemi established a watch and jewellery shop in Kokemäki, Finland, year 1951. Today Aseman Kello is operated in downtown Helsinki and has a long history with unreal selection of watches.

With Nomos it has similarities in plenty of traditions. NOMOS timepieces are made by hand exclusively in Glashütte; but, in a certain way, they are born in Berlin. This is where the watches are designed, where the famous NOMOS look is created.


premium retailer new watches

Vaasa - Finland

Salkari will bring a big plate to 2019 Show. Anonimo from italy, Sinn novelties and workshops about the new Baume & Merciér movement - gives you the idea that they are serious about pushing the brands and service forward. Markus is the man behind the watch sales at Salkari, but this is yet again a passionate family owned business that is always keen to find the arrising brands of watches they can start working with and presenting to the Finnish audience. What a friendly Team they have and remember to allocate time for the Baume workshop - it will be quit some show!


mastering sales and aftersales

Helsinki - Finland

Oy Osk. Lindroos Ab is a watchmaker and goldsmith company whose traditions date back more than 130 years. Its store has been located on Aleksanterinkatu Street in Helsinki from 1890. The foundations of the company were laid in Jyväskylä by the goldsmith-trained seaman Frans Wiktor Lindroos and his wife. At the Show Lindroos will showcase Watch maintenance and their wide after sales services.


for pilots

Malmi - Helsinki

DeMotu is surely interesting one - they operate at Malmi airport and the products are really done for pilots. There is a cool line with quartz movement and mechanical watch is just around the corner - come and see the guys in our Show and you might even spot a G-Force watch!!

An independent pilot instrument manufacturer with ideas and uncompromising quality. Five years of research, development and testing, advanced engineering and sophisticated design culminate today in De Motu Watches Ltd, a truly independent and innovative pilot instrument manufacturer with ideas and quality never seen before.


leading navigation

Worldwide - Garmin Finland

We are happy that Garmin jumps on board and gets some action to this side of the game.

“Three simple words that describe our products, our company, our culture…our future. As a leading, worldwide provider of navigation, we are committed to making superior products for automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor and sports that are an essential part of our customers’ lives.”


mastering sales and aftersales

Vaasa - Finland

The family business story began 1950`s when Juhani “Jussi” Luoma-Aho had a task to repair an old wall clock in the family home. The task was not complicated but Jussi got to see the small miracle of mechanical clock to start beating again and it made an instant mark - the real beginning of a great business still operating today.

We are always delighted to get businesses arriving from long distance and it is a clear mark that when running a good plus friendly business will always find clients all around Finland.


mastering sales and aftersales

Helsinki - Finland

Widemark just had a big celebration - 135 Years in business. I do believe that has quit a good starting point to their dedication, passion and work on watches.

Many does not know that Widemark has 4 watchmakers working every day on casual services to more demanding task to bring the old wall, table and complicated watches into life. On top of that they offer friendly service in Töölö - Helsinki and you are always welcome to pop by.

Great to have them again in our show to represent Alpina and G-Shock watches.


premium retailer new watches

Lappeenranta - Finland

H.J. Suninen Oy has been servicing clients since 1918 and last year they were celebrating 100 year in business. This family has been keeping the service top notch in Eastern Finland and the brothers are solely responsible for the watches and running multiple branches.

It was our privilege to celebrate with them last Year and we are very happy to see the Suninen - brothers to return into our spring Show. They truly want to offer best service with passion - it is not easy to run multiple branches in 2019, but if anyone can do it - it would be this Team!


mastering single-hand watches

Münster - Germany

MeisterSinger has become synonymous with single-hand watches and a relaxed perception of time.

Since 2001, very special mechanical wristwatches have been manufactured in the Westphalian city of Münster: They have only one single hand with a fine needle point that enables the wearer to read the time. Company founder Manfred Brassler creates his classical timepieces with this unique characteristic in the technical and cultural tradition of early watchmaking.


pre loved watches

Helsinki - Finland

Kellokonttori is well established pre-loved watch shop in Helsinki. Sami has been passionate about watches well before moving the passion into daily work. The path has been long and Sami is known for his good eye on challenging watches, more exclusive and rare pieces that one just cannot seem to find anywhere.

in 2018 the Kellokonttori Team got double in size when additional sales force was applied to service clients and the focus is to ensure more personal service to the watch lovers in all kind of price level but to focus on the rare birds.


watch service

Helsinki - Hyvinkää - Finland

The history goes back in 1943 when Watch service Kuitto began operating. It seems that many of our partners have long roots in working with watches and Watch Service Finland is no exception - the “old” man is still visiting the Hyvinkää workshop now and then but Antti has still tried to take the business over and expanding it to Helsinki territory.

It is evident that there is huge demand for highly skilled watchmakers to keep our watches running and these guys are the point of contact if one needs service to Omega and many more brands - new or old, they will keep it running!


Vintage watches

Helsinki - Finland

Vesa is the driving force behind this beautiful vintage watch shop in heart of Helsinki. He finished from watchmaking school 1997 and began Longitudi 2004.

Still the essence of true watchmaking is present. The workshop has been build and invested in mind of long lasting service to the vintage audience, to be able to restore very high attention task on 17-18th century clock all the way to the rarest vintage wristwatches.

There is a team of 2 watchmaker and wide portfolio of professionals that can evaluate, restore and bring your old beauties back into life and yes - if you are interested on top quality vintage pieces - this would be the point of contact.


pre loved watches

Imatra - Finland

Jarkko is well known gentleman in Finnish watch scene - he has been running Ranneaika for quit some time and has gained a very good reputation among the watch enthusiasts.

The company is located in Eastern Finland but as business is quit global and deliveries are easy these days it is not too often that Jarkko has clients all-round Finland. Jarkko is known to usually stock good variation of watches - one can find few Finnish Indie watch brands pretty much always in stock and the always so desired quality watches from major brands. Welcome to meet Jarkko and he is a gent ready to service in all kind of inquiries related into watches.


new watch brand

Helsinki - Finland

Jurmo was pre-launched in our 2018 Show and now the Team is promising the final products are ready for the market. The new model introduced at our 2019 Show marks the official launch of the Jurmo watch collection.

Jurmo Watches produces unique timepieces for the distinct individual. The design stems from the harsh, but very beautiful area in the Finnish archipelago.

As well as getting inspiration from the nature, Jurmo watches are inspired by real memories.


new watch brand

Helsinki - Finland

Ilmar Watches was founded on a vision to bring together Finnish artisans from different crafts.

One very interesting thing is that the watchcase is made if handcrafted damascus steel and the watchface is visa birch.

It is great to see these unique and handmade in Finland watches showcased in our Show - welcome to check them out and say hi to the guys behind the brand.


new watch brand

Jyväskylä - Finland

We are happy to pre-launch Aittokoski in our 2019 Show. Only a handful of exquisite Aittokoski watches will be crafted, making them true rarities by qualities and by quantities.

Watches are carefully designed to fulfill their deepest purpose, emotional connection between stating, experiencing and wearing the time.

They offer authentic, easy-to-recognize design, where form largely follows the function, and makes them very appropriate for their purpose.

Each and everyone of our timepieces will be meticulously crafted, finished and checked before it is sent out to the new owner.

Welcome to meet and see the first Prototypes of these watches!


Finnish jewellery

Kuopio - Finland

Welcome to meet Väisänen Design at Sarpaneva & S.U.F Helsinki booth - the Korona Cross will be the one product to take away to home…many others too, but KORONA CROSS <3

Out of perfectionism, curiosity, analytical deliberation, more than a few stumbles, a roaring thirst and an ironclad vision, Väisänen Design was born.

Our batches are small and we do not manufacture products in cheap production countries. We design all of our products ourselves and we strive to keep the entire manufacturing process in Finland. We also create unique items. Our commitment to sustainable values further extends to product packaging: our products come in functional packages that can also be used as a bag, purse or storage box.



Helsinki - Finland

If one thing is certain - Pekka, the master goldsmith behind Kulmala is a true gentleman with love and passion for watches - but if you need goldsmith services - there is not quit any other place like this.

At Kultaseppä Kulmala, strikingly beautiful pieces of precious jewellery are designed and crafted by hand. Kulmala’s jewellry are of the highest quality in the industry, showcasing the excellent skills of our goldsmiths and their respect for tradition - welcome to be amazed…at scale!


iconic audio-visual brands

Helsinki branch

As one of the world’s most iconic audio-visual brands, Bang & Olufsen has been leading the way in design, technology and innovation for more than 90 years. Our more than 1,000 employees work globally, with the mindset to create experiences like no one else, catering to the creative curators with a focus on luxury lifestyle.

I have got the bug to get some B&O products to home, they just seem to be the right size and design in all places you seek them for. The latest purchase was A1 speaker - around 250€ and I think it is good enough to have that lovely background music while having fun with family and friends - with Bang and Olufsen, you will find a range that fits your style, bill and need.


shoes with love

Helsinki - Finland

We love watches…watches last for a lifetime - why not shoes as well…

“Call me a rebel for going against a gigantic mass-production based shoe culture. I designed Saint Vacant to be small and beautiful, on the idea of simplifying the overflow of styles.”

Come and learn the Saint Vacant style - 5 pairs would be enough and these shoes really fit and work straight from the box!


physical security solutions


We are happy to get Kaso as a new partner to our Show. They will showcase their latest lineup that are designed directly to watch enthusiasts in mind - design and look + features have been in key role.

Kaso is the world-leading manufacturer of tested physical security solutions, safes, fireproof fire safes, and filing cabinets to keep your documents, valuable items, and data safe and secure, no matter what life throws at them. We offer safes for home, office and commercial use

Welcome to see if these could match your interior and give you that bit of extra peace of mind.



Espoo - Finland

We cannot highlight enough how important this school is for Finland, for our watches and the people passionate about manufacturing and servicing them.

The Finnish School of Watchmaking (Kelloseppäkoulu) was founded in 1944 and is located in Leppävaara, Espoo. It is maintained by Kellosepäntaidon Edistämissäätiö (The foundation for the advancement of watchmaking skills), but its operation is financed by the Finnish state. The teaching at the school is performed in Finnish.

We kindly ask you to visit their booth, have a chat, learn the young talents that train there and fully breath the passion of watchmaking.



Espoo - Finland

We are very happy to get the sole watch Museum in Finland to attend to 2019 spring Show. The museum is well know and located in Espoo, close to Helsinki.

Annually it does get 70 000 visitors and their wide portfolio of watches is a great dive into Finnish watchmaking, history of watches and jewelry.

In the Show there will be a nice collection of watches, some of them have never been displayed before so even the most regular visitors should visit and have a chat with their lovely staff.


Sheer Driving Pleasure

Worldwide - BMW Suomi

We are more than happy to get support and beautiful cars to admire from BMW. The company that was founded 1918 in Munich - Bavaria can offer something to everyone. From the motorsport enthusiast to full EV solutions and yes - it is a real sheer driving pleasure. Welcome to see the wide portfolio of novelties that BMW offers.


wheels & tyres

Helsinki - Finland

Helsingin Rengaspalvelu will showcase a good selection of wheels and tyre solutions in our spring Show. These guys have been changing tires for years and really know how important it is to keep your car running with quality tires and wheels - it is not always show only, we are talking here to keep quality in top priority while driving and commuting in summer or winter.


restaurant - bar

Brewdog & Cafe talo

Super happy to get the team from Brewdog and Cafe talo to service us in beverage and food segment.

Cafe talo will have a good selection of food in outside Lounge area, they will ensure us keep on going during the day and evening Show.

Brewdog will be servicing wide selection of craft beers and other lovely refreshment - welcome to enjoy a moment with good pint, food or sparkling.


restaurant - bar

Beverage Partners Finland

We are stoked to get great support from Beverage Partners Finland to the spring Show.

Glenfiddich and The Balvenie will be the main Whisky range and there is sure some surprises coming - speedy tasting and we are also launching Glenfiddich Fire and Cane to our Show friends.

Gin, yes - we “all” love some GT in our life. Hendrick`s GIN does it more than well, we welcome you to enjoy your Gin & Tonic in a way that might be a bit surprising - yes, welcome to enjoy with style.



Helsinki - Finland

Roomage is your point of contact if you wish to find some cool pre-loved furniture - their showroom is a place to wonder for quit some time and live & breath their passion about quality on these hand picked Vintage beauties.

Founded in 2013 by Kimmo Pohjapelto, Roomage has quickly grown to be a popular vintage interior store in their hometown Helsinki, Finland. Roomage specializes in hand selected vintage furniture and antiques. The collection includes styles ranging from mid-century modern to industrial - resulting in an eclectic mix.




We are happy to get Media support from Stylefellow yet again this year. Stylefellow team is out here with a force and they will make content for all their channels and stream live from our Show.

Stylefellow is Finland`s leading style and watch media that reaches up to 150K readers every month.

Say hi to the Team while at the Show and they will surely get everyone involve for some cool pics and interviews.


Support and Partners

Kirkkoparkki - best car storage in Helsinki, Sapoma Oy - recycle you old car, Painomiehet - event print, Harri Kivinen @harrythecool - for great photography , Sähköpalvelu Neloset Oy - electricity home & office, Taikaverstas - for our event lights & audio, Thunder & Lighthouse - event video content